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This office is dedicated to find and recruit buddies that are willing to work together into 0.0 space and be self sufficient AS A TEAM, either indus and/or PvP oriented.
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 Pilot's profile I'm waiting for and what I consider doing

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Pilot's profile I'm waiting for and what I consider doing Empty
PostSubject: Pilot's profile I'm waiting for and what I consider doing   Pilot's profile I'm waiting for and what I consider doing Icon_minitimeSat Aug 21, 2010 11:10 pm


As part of an alliance which is holding 0.0 territories, the corp I'm a member is currently searching to raise an indus wing to provide self sufficiency in any need the corp members may have, and if it works good, even helping to reach this self sufficiency on an alliance lvl.

I'm personnaly an EU TZ player, generally online inbetween 16:30 and 22:00/23:00 eve time during the week, and a bit more during the week-end (the earlier would then be 8:00 avg). I'm willing to find players that are mostly interested in teamwork and fun, and do like to feel usefull in game and/or enjoy being able to use the skills they trained, which at some point is not possible to do if you stay in high sec. I don't want players focusing on how many iskies they'll get from any single thing they do. Don't make me wrong, you'll get iskies, but I don't want it to be the main goal. In my humble opinion, iskies are just a mean to get skills or some ships and mods that lead to new abilities, but doesn't make the whole game. An MMORPG is rather something about link inbetween ppl and brotherhood (can include ladies of course Wink ) and the fun and pride you get fullfilling big goals alltogether.

Clearly speaking and to illustrate, the way how I see things, there will be some corp programs to mine/salvage/PI for specific production goal. The production will be sold to corpmates and/or on market for allies, with the isk coming from it splitted among the people involved in the OPs. Ideally, ppl willing to join should be at least indus/PVE oriented, ideally also willing to go into PvP no matter if it is something new to them or allready experienced, cause when it comes to defence, and when miners can't do their work because of the ennemy whatever it is, a few more fighters are more than welcome. But PvP is not considered as mandatory, just a plus I would appreciate. Don't forget we're willing to raise an indus wing Very Happy.

OPs/programs field :
- Ore (and ice) mining
- PVE (salvg-->rigs production)
- Planetary Interaction (POS fuel, POS structures production, on long term and depending what the alliance is willing to do, station components)
- Job sites (hacking, archeology, analyzer)
- If things raise up well, moon exploitation--> T2 production (invention, possible to have alt in a research corp with a fair BPO library).

Abilities that would be requested :
- Good mining skills (hulkable, T2 strip, T2 MLU, T2 crystals) - most important, basic set
- Production slots, no waste
- Refining skills
- T1 manufacturing able, Cap parts/ships manufacturing able, T2 parts/ships manufacturing able
- Fair PI skills to - at least - be able to produce and stockpile basic materials

Abilities that would be really appreciated :
- To help on logistic, JF and/or cyno
- Major plus, if any logistic cruiser abilities (shield emission cruiser like scimitar or basilisk)
- PVE (BS able, can handle lvl4 missions by itself)
- PvP interest and/or experience beside the indus work

Whatever comes more than this is a wealth to corp abilities and asset Smile

OP examples :

The Mining OP (obviously for the minerals Wink) :
One BS (at least) for PVE defense (the longer the miners stay on the field, the more efficient you are)
One logistic cruiser for shield support (not mandatory, but can ease things)
Orca/Rorqual for hauling/bonuses (a Rorq in core mode gives a very nice cycle time boost which worth the heavy water consumption it requires)
Hulks (Mack if ice, Skiff if mecroxit mining), as many as possible (the more, the better, will increase possibilities in production path)

PVE OP (salvage parts, iskies for all, minerals through reprocessing from loot):
One or two carriers can speed things, but no absolute need. A BS pilot able to deal easely high sec lvl4 missions can make it. the more, the faster you get wrecks to salvage. A few salvager whith good skills following can make this very interesting, not speaking about the faction drop you have from time to time. Of course, this kinda of OP can be a nice place to try logistic ships abilities and learn to use them in fleet.

PvP OP (DEFENSE, training, fun):

The only one I will mention is when the alliance comes to a CTA (call to arm) but for those interested, there are also roaming ones. Industrialist clearly working for alliance won't be misconsidered if they keep mining while the PvP guys move. But often, when a CTA is declared, you got so many reds guys around that it means you just can't mine. The alliance I'm in has a set of alliance fitt adviced. Ideally, you should set up a BC or a BS considering those fitting and have a no implant clone nearby. Then it's easy, even if you never been in PvP. Just follow orders Smile But as I said, I'm not making this mandatory, just saying that it would be good you get ready to fight when your land is under threat. Wink Of course, if you feel like having some some more specific role (Heavy cruiser, logistic, dictors, inties...), this will be appreciated.

These are just three examples of what can be set up down there. Things will be set up considering Planetary Interaction, Moon harvesting, production, and I'm fully open to any idea as long as it means team work and benefit the corp and the alliance. There is a lot to do and that can be done and be interesting, welcome into wildspace.

If you survived this reading and are interested, you can apply in the application forum, or evemail me, or join the Deepspace team channel to meet me. or last and least answer this thread. I'll be glad to get to know you and answer the question you may have, or share ideas about what an indus wing can be doing in 0.0. As you may have understand allready, Emestys is not my main char but an alt dealing the recruitment purpose. 0.0 requires some kinda caution considering the political side ^^
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Pilot's profile I'm waiting for and what I consider doing
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